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Allergic Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis | Overview

What is conjunctivitis?

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Here were are going to show you some useful and effective remedies, so you will be able to resolve this question “Allergic Conjunctivitis” A clear, skinny membrane known as the mucosa covers your eyeball and also the within your eyelids. If one thing irritates this covering, your eyes could become red and swollen. Your eyes conjointly could itch, hurt or water. this is often known as redness, conjointly called “pink eye.”

Conjunctivitis | Causes & Risk Factors

What causes allergic conjunctivitis?

Many things will cause redness, together with bacterium, viruses or allergens. once Associate in Nursing matter causes the irritation, the condition is termed allergic redness. this kind of redness isn’t contagious. Some common allergens include:

  • Dust from trees, grass, and ragweed
  • Animal skin and secretion like secretions
  • Perfumes spray
  • Cosmetics and makeup
  • Skin medicines
  • Air pollution
  • Smoke, Gas Pollution

Conjunctivitis Treatment

How is allergic redness treated?

It may facilitate to place a chilly bath linen over your eyes for relief. Lubricating eye drops (sometimes known as artificial tears) can also create your eyes feel higher. medicine pills (which many folks reckon their allergies) can also facilitate relieve your symptoms. you’ll purchase lubricating eye drops and plenty of medicine pills while not a prescription.

Several different varieties of eye drops square measure out there to treat allergic redness. they’ll facilitate relieve fretful, watery eyes and should keep symptoms from returning. Eye drops could contain Associate in Nursing medicine, a medicinal drug, an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) or a mast-cell stabilizer. Some drops contain a mixture of those. Some eye drops need a prescription. refer to your doctor regarding that treatment is true for you.

Do these treatments have facet effects?

Many eye drops will cause burning and stinging once you initial place them in, however, this sometimes goes away during a couple of minutes. it’s necessary to recollect that each one medicine could doubtless cause facet effects, therefore, speak together with your doctor before exploitation any drugs, together with eye drops.


Can I wear my contact lenses?

It’s not a decent plan to wear contacts whereas you’ve got allergic redness as a result of the contacts could cause the redness to induce worse. Instead, wear your glasses till your eyes feel higher.

conjunctivitis | Prevention

What am I able to do to avoid obtaining Allergic Conjunctivitis?

Try to determine and fund of the allergens that cause your symptoms. as an example, if you’re allergic to spore or mildew, keep inside once spore and mildew levels square measure high. you’ll sometimes decide once matter levels square measure high from the weather report. Keep your windows and doors locked, Associate in Nursingd use an air conditioning throughout the summer months.

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