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How to Get Rid of Headaches

Headache | Overview

What is Headache

A headache is a common problem that can be found in any person of any age. In this ailment, a person feels pain in the head, and cannot continue to do anything with proper attention. There is not a single cause of a headache. Its causes vary from person to person normally. It happens because of the disturbance of nerves, muscles and veins normally.

On the basis of its severeness, we can divide a headache into two types as follow:-

A special headache:

This type of a headache can be caused because of various nervous system’s disorders and some serious mental ailments e.g. Migraine, Cluster a headache, etc. In these sort of situations, you should go for a proper medical checkup as soon as possible and don’t use the home remedies for these kind of diagnosed problems. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your health.

Common Headache:

There are so many causes of a normal headache which vary from person to person in our daily life. It does not have a specific symptom. Normally people suffer from the a headache because of head injury. A few of them just because of Out of control anger. Impatient nature can also lead you towards a headache. Fatigue on the daily basis and viral infections are also being observed as headache’s symptom. Excessive usage of cold drinks and cold foods & eating so many spicy foods are the reasons of a headache in food lovers. Dental or sinus issues contribute towards a headache as this part is of sensitive nature and is linked with the brain. Pollution (air and noise) is becoming a rising issue for several mental disorders including a headache. Low blood pressure & low sugar level usually cause a headache in patients. Improper sleep at night or working at night disturbs our natural system which results in some serious problems like a headache. A considerable majority of people become victims of a headache just because of harsh sunlight. A headache can be a disturbing problem for the people within weak eyesight and for those persons who have to work long mentally. A headache can be found in smokers, drug addicts and those who “drink”. In children, the main cause of a headache is, using too much computer while playing games and also while having refreshment through multimedia.

Nowadays, usage of pain killers has been increased a lot by we people. According to different health experts, you should not use medicine for the a normal headache because pain killers will affect your immune system badly.

So here are some Home Remedies to get rid of a normal headache in some time.

A headache | Treatment

How to Get Rid of Headaches

Here were are going to show you some useful and effective remedies, so you will be able to resolve this question “How to Get Rid of Headaches”

1) Treatment with Salt:

Place a pinchcock (few particles) of salt on your tongue (don’t crush these particles with teeth) and after 12 minutes, drink a glass of water (not so cold or hot). Your headache will be better using this treatment.

Special note: This method is not suitable for persons with high blood pressure, as salt can be harmful to them.

2) Treatment with Turmeric:

Take a cup of fresh water and add a tablespoon of turmeric in it. Now place it on the stove for some time. After that drink, it or even you can take steam of it to eradicate the problem of a headache. (Extra Tip: According to medical science, the person who will eat a pinchcock of turmeric daily will remove the risk of suffering from Cancer also)

3) Treatment with a Tablet:

If you have to face a headache accidentally or suddenly, then after having some food, take two tablets of DISPRIN, and drink them by adding & mixing them in a glass of water.

Golden Tip: Every type of painkiller should be taken after eating something; otherwise it will be injurious to health.)

4) Massage effect:

In a headache, massage of oil will be a relaxing factor for you. Massage for sometime on the back of head and neck and keep yourself relax during the massage.

Useful General Suggestions:-

Take proper rest at night, try to sit in a peaceful environment, avoid using drugs and take some exercise daily. Health experts claim that a healthy body is a healthy brain, so make it sure that you are engaged in some kind of sports to keep yourself fit and healthy. Try to feel the happiness of life to freshen your mind and bear the difficulties of life by keeping yourself patient to avoid different sort of tensions, as tension is a major cause of mental disturbance and headache. Take proper diet because mental weakness can take place because of poor health. Avoid unhygienic food and try to get rid of pollution. Make it sure that your eyesight is not weak and go for the routine checkup of your eyesight, regular use of rich quality Almonds will be fruitful for poor eyesight. Those who work mentally for long hours should take a gap of 4 to 6 minutes after every half-an-hour.

Hoping that this simple structured article will be very effective and informative for you…
Hopefully, you will get you answers regarding “How to Get Rid of Headaches”

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