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Types of birth control

Continuous Birth Control

Here were are going to show you some useful and effective remedies, so you will be able to resolve this question “Types of birth control” Have you ever needed that your emission amount would simply go away? Well, there is medication that may assist you to say goodbye to “that time of the month” for months or a year at a time.

These medications are not right for everybody, though. And whereas some doctors believe that they may have harmful semipermanent aspect effects, this hasn’t been studied.

Types of birth control

How They Work: 

The medication that suppress emission periods ar contraception pills. One sort referred to as extended-cycle makes the time between your periods longer. Another kind, continuous contraception, stops your amount for a year with none breaks. each contains pills with hormones that you just take months at a time.

These disagree from a packet of 28-day contraception pills, that has twenty-one pills with hormones in them and 7 pills with no hormones. (That last week of pills brings on your amount.)

With traditional contraception pills, the liner of your female internal reproductive organ builds up and sheds each month throughout your amount. Some girls worry that extended-cycle or continuous contraception pills might cause the liner to thicken. this does not happen, as a result of your endocrine levels do not shift.

The Drugs: 

In 2003, the bureau approved Seasonale, the primary extended-cycle contraception pill. girls take pills with hormones for eighty-four days, followed by seven days of hormone-free pills. throughout the hormone-free week, girls get their periods.

The bureau approved Seasonique, a rather completely different extended-cycle pill, in 2006. It conjointly has eighty-four days’ value of pills with hormones, however, the ultimate pills contain a little dose of hormones.

The first contraception pill that may build your amount flee for a year at a time was approved in 2007. Lybrel contains 365 days’ value of pills with hormones.

The Pros: 

  • Period-free events. If you do not need to possess your amount on your day, throughout final exams, or on your trip to Europe, this medication will are available in handy, particularly if you get painful cramps besides.
  • An finish to pathology. concerning 100% of girls have this condition, once the liner of your female internal reproductive organ, or mucosa, grows outside of the female internal reproductive organ. It will cause pain and fertility issues. Extended-cycle contraception pills will stop pathology from coming, as a result of the female internal reproductive organ lining does not grow on a monthly cycle.
  • Fertility. you must be able to get pregnant while not hassle when you quit this sort of contraception. Studies have found that ninety-nine of girls release once more among three months when they stop taking Lybrel.
  • Lack of analysis. semipermanent studies haven’t been done to search out  however this medication can have an effect on your body if you’re taking them for many years. each extended-cycle and continuous contraception medication expose you to hormones for extended periods of your time than traditional contraception pills, that might have an effect on your health. Some information suggests they may have an effect on bone mass and breast health within the long-standing time, particularly among teens.
  • Pregnancy. Your amount provides monthly proof that you just are not pregnant. If you are doing conceive whereas on this medication, you would possibly not comprehend it as quickly — therefore you would possibly not get prenatal  care from your OB/GYN early enough.
  • Spotting. This medication will cause recognizing or injury between periods, generally serious enough to want a pad. (This typically lessens with time.) If you’d rather bleed on a collection schedule and not worry that you just may bleed or spot any day of the month, this medication may not be for you.
  • Blood clots. Any type of contraception pill makes girls a lot of possible to induce blood clots, particularly those that smoke and are over thirty-five.
  • STDs. Like alternative contraception pills, this medication do not shield against sexually transmitted diseases.

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