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What is Aids

HIV and AIDS | Overview

what is Aids

Here were are going to show you some useful and effective remedies, so you will be able to resolve this question “what is Aids” The human immunological disorder virus (HIV) attacks the body’s system. A healthy system is what keeps you from obtaining sick.

Because HIV damages your system, you’re a lot of doubtless to induce sick from bacterium and viruses. it’s conjointly more durable for your body to fight back these infections once you do get them, thus you will have hassle recovering. HIV is that the condition that ends up in nonheritable immunological disorder syndrome (AIDS).

What is AIDS?

AIDS could be a progression of HIV. once HIV moves into its final stages, it’s thought-about to be AIDS. folks that have AIDS are at an excellent higher risk of obtaining sick, and their bodies are even less ready to fight back infections than folks that have HIV. they typically die of Associate in Nursing infection or cancer.

What is HIV syndrome? 

HIV syndrome could be a name for the first stage of HIV infection once someone is 1st infected with HIV.

What happens once someone gets HIV?

After being infected with HIV, your body works arduously to attack the virus. along with your body fighting, the virus cannot create as several copies of itself. albeit you continue to have HIV, you may begin to seem well and feel well once more. the same old blood tests are traditional.

However, throughout this point, the virus continues to be assaultive your bodily fluid nodes. bodily fluid nodes are the centers of your body’s system. The virus may attack your brain tissue and slowly cause harm there.

Over ten to fifteen years, HIV kills such a lot of CD4 cells that your body will not fight back infections. once your CD4 cell count is two hundred or less per mile, you’ve got AIDS (a traditional count is 600 to 1000). Once you’ve got AIDS, you’ll simply catch several serious infections.

HIV and AIDS | Symptoms

What are the symptoms of HIV syndrome? 

When 1st infected with HIV, someone might not expertise any symptoms. However, typically someone can develop flu-like symptoms that last many weeks. These include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Swollen bodily fluid nodes (lymph glands)
  • Sore throat
  • Rash

If you’ve got recently been infected with HIV, you may not are aware of it. The person you caught HIV from might not look or feel sick. and, therefore, the signs and symptoms of HIV infection are almost like different diseases, like infectious disease (mono), redness or the grippe.


What are the symptoms of HIV?

As the malady progresses, symptoms might seem and/or decline. this could take time. Some folks that have HIV don’t begin experiencing symptoms for up to ten years. once symptoms do seem, they’ll include:

  • Swollen bodily fluid nodes (lymph glands)
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Unintended weight loss

Is HIV infection completely different in ladies and men?

HIV infection is usually identical for men and girls. For a protracted time once changing into infected, the person looks healthy. Over a few years, the person’s system bit by bit becomes weaker till it’s unable to fight back different infections.

The distinction between men {and ladies|and ladies|and girls} is that HIV-infected women typically have extra issues like continual duct yeast infections, particularly because the system becomes weaker. a lot of serious infections, like girdle disease (an infection of a woman’s internal procreative organs), may be more durable to treat. Diseases of the cervix, like precancer (dysplasia) and cancer, progress quicker. they’ll be more durable to treat if a girl has HIV.

HIV and AIDS | Causes & Risk Factors

How can I get HIV?

HIV will solely be passed from person to person through body fluids, like blood, ejaculate and duct fluid. kids born to infected mothers also can become infected throughout physiological condition. the foremost common ways in which HIV is passed are:

  • By having unprotected anal, duct or head with Associate in Nursing infected the person.
  • By sharing needles Associate in Nursing syringes for injecting medicine with an infected person.

More than 1/2 ladies UN agency have HIV got the infection from sexual partners. lady|a lady|a girl} may be infected by contact with a person or contact with another woman. once a girl has sex with Associate in Nursing infected man, she incorporates a high risk of obtaining HIV if a contraceptive isn’t used properly.

Who is in danger for HIV infection?

In the time period of the AIDS epidemic, HIV infection perceived to be confined to bound teams, together with endovenous drug users, men UN agency do it with different men and persons UN agency have {hemophilia|haemophilia|bleeder’s malady|blood disease|blood disorder|sex-linked disorder} (a blood-clotting disease that needs treatment with frequent blood transfusions). folks that have sex-linked disorder got HIV from receiving blood transfusions with given blood that contained HIV. Blood donations are currently tested for HIV, and HIV-infected blood donations are destroyed.

These days, HIV infection has fared a lot of widespread. Here could be a list of individuals UN agency are at high risk of HIV infection:

  • Men UN agency do it with different men.
  • Anyone UN agency has multiple sex partners.
  • Anyone UN agency has sex with a prostitute.
  • Anyone UN agency shares needle exploitation smuggled injected the medicine.
  • Anyone UN agency exchanges sex for medicine or cash.
  • Anyone UN agency incorporates a sexually transmitted malady.
  • Anyone UN agency has had or presently incorporates a sexual partner with any of the on top of risk factors.

How do babies get HIV from their mothers? 

Babies will get HIV infection from their mothers throughout physiological condition, throughout the birth method and through breastfeeding.

It is currently doable to forestall several cases of HIV in kids by giving medicines to the pregnant mother and to her baby. This protection can’t be offered if a pregnant lady doesn’t apprehend she is infected. many folks UN agency have HIV infection feel dead healthy initially. the sole thanks to apprehend if you are infected is to own Associate in Nursing HIV check. If you are pregnant, raise your doctor for Associate in Nursing HIV check as a part of your antepartum care. Better yet, if you are considering obtaining pregnant, talk over with your doctor concerning HIV tests for you and your partner.

What contact is safe?

HIV cannot live terribly long outside the body, thus you cannot twig through casual contact. you cannot get the virus by touching, shaking hands, hugging, swimming in an exceedingly public pool, giving blood, or exploitation hot tubs, public blogs, telephones, doorknobs or water fountains. you furthermore might not twig from food, mosquitoes or different insects.

HIV and AIDS | Diagnosis & Tests

What ought to I do if I feel I could be infected?

If you are thinking that you will be infected with HIV, contact your doctor straightaway. albeit there’s no cure for the malady, early designation and treatment with medicines may begin to slow the progression of the malady. Your doctor is ready to offer you a lot of recommendation concerning a way to beware of yourself if tests show that you simply have HIV.

Since most of the people UN agency are infected with HIV seem healthy, a biopsy for the virus is critical to envisioning UN agency has the infection. folks that have a positive biopsy for HIV are known as HIV-positive. raise your doctor a way to get confidential testing for HIV. Your doctor will assist you to perceive what the check results mean.

Should I be tested for HIV?

The Yankee Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) encourages all sexually active individuals between eighteen years and sixty-five years ancient to induce tested. kids younger than eighteen Associate in Nursingd adults older than sixty-five ought to be tested if they are at an increased  risk of obtaining the virus. The AAFP conjointly recommends that pregnant ladies be tested for HIV. Most HIV protein tests done by your doctor are correct if they are done two to three months or longer once you’re thinking that you will are infected. It takes this long for the antibodies to point out up within the blood.

How will my doctor tell that I actually have HIV?

When HIV enters your body, it moves within white blood cells known as “CD4 lymphocytes.” HIV takes over the CD4 cells and makes billions of copies of itself day by day. The new cells unfold through your body.

Your body tries to defend itself against HIV by creating the following:

  1. Antibodies (these attach to the virus and keep it from creating  new virus).
  2. Special cells were known as macrophages and natural killer T-cells.  These cells assist you to induce a number of the new      virus.If antibodies against HIV show up in your blood, you recognize your  body is making an attempt to shield you from   the HIV infection  you have got picked up. However, it’s always many months before your body makes enough antibodies to live.

So at the time you’re infected with HIV, you will not have enough HIV antibodies in your blood to live, thus this check cannot offer you a designation.

However, once you are experiencing symptoms of HIV, you are doing have a high level of HIV RNA in your blood (RNA is that the short name for “ribonucleic acid.” RNA is formed once the virus is active). A check of your “viral load” will live this. This check tells your doctor the rationale that you feel sick is as a result of you’ve got HIV.

First your doctor tests to envision if you’ve got HIV infection. Your blood is checked with Associate in the Nursing assay (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test. If this check is positive for HIV, your blood is checked once more with the Western blot test. If each tests are positive, you’re diagnosed with HIV infection.

Three things show that someone UN agency has HIV infection has developed AIDS. If anyone or a lot of  the subsequent are gifts, the person has AIDS:

  • A CD4 cell count (discussed below) of but two hundred
  • A CD4 cell share of but 14 July
  • An AIDS-indicator ill health

An AIDS-indicator downside} could be a physician-diagnosed medical problem that happens in folks that have advanced HIV infection. concerning twenty-five medical issues are thought about AIDS-indicator diseases. They embody conditions like pneumocytosis, sarcoma and wasting syndrome. If someone UN agency is infected with HIV gets Associate in Nursing AIDS-indicator ill health, that person has AIDS.

Does it facilitate Pine Tree State to search out  I actually have HIV at Associate in Nursing early stage?

Yes. Right now, there’s no cure for HIV. Your body will create antibodies and CD4 cells to cut down the progress of HIV, however, they cannot whole get obviate the virus. In fact, the terrible act of assaultive the HIV infection might wear out your system in an exceedingly short time.

However, treatment with HIV medicines (usually a mix of medicines known as anti-retroviral drugs) will hold down the virus and keep your body’s system robust for an extended time. that is why the U.S. Centers for malady management and interference (CDC) recommends early treatment of individuals UN agency have HIV.

Are there HIV tests I will do at home?

Yes. the house Access HIV-1 check System could be an assortment kit that’s want to collect a blood sample that’s then armoured to a laboratory for testing. This check offers the advantage of privacy and obscurity. an alternative choice is that the OraQuick In-Home HIV check. This check involves scrubbing the within of your mouth. you are doing not have to be compelled to collect your blood. Your results are prepared among twenty minutes.


Should I take advantage of the house check or see my doctor?

Your doctor {is concerned|cares|thinks concerning|worries|is bothered} about you, your health and your privacy. If you wish to be tested for HIV, you ought to see your doctor. He or she’s going to assist you to decide whether or not you ought to be checked and can offer you the support you would like before and once the test. you do not get this kind of support with home tests.

However, if you are afraid to speak along with your doctor concerning HIV or to be tested, then the house assortment check is also a decent plan. If the check result’s positive, you ought to see your doctor directly.

Remember, one negative check isn’t a guarantee that you simply haven’t got HIV or will not twig within the future. you ought to speak along with your doctor and study ways in which to shield yourself from obtaining infected.

HIV and AIDS | Treatment 

What medicines are used for HIV disease

Several forms of medicines are wont to fight HIV infection. The medicines are typically used along (in combination) to cut back the number of HIV within the body. once completely different medicine are combined with the aim of reducing the number of HIV in your blood to terribly low levels, the ensuing treatment regime is named extremely active antiretroviral medical care (HEART). Your doctor should watch you closely once you are being treated with this medicine to envision however well they lower the number of virus in your body. Your doctor conjointly needs to create certain you are not having aspect effects like nausea, fatigue,vomiting, anemia or peripheral pathology (a numb feeling in your body (hands or feet). Medicines usually used throughout medicament embody the following:

  • Nucleoside polymerase inhibitors (also known as “nukes“): once HIV influences a healthy cell, it wants the cell’s polymer, or genetic directions, to create copies of itself. These medicine act by interference the HIV’s ability to repeat a cell’s polymer. while not complete polymer, HIV cannot create new virus copies.
  • Non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitor: This medicine conjointly stops HIV from employing a healthy cell’s polymer to create copies of itself, however in an exceedingly slightly completely different manner.
  • Protease (say pro-tee-as) inhibitors: These medicament work by preventing infected cells from emotional HIV into the body.
  • Fusion inhibitor: This medication works by preventing the entry of the HIV virus into your body’s healthy cells. This medication is injected through a doctor.
  • Integrase inhibitor: This medication works by disabling integrase. Integrase could be a super molecule that

What is the simplest time to start out taking these medicines? 

Almost all specialists agree that medicines for HIV ought to be started before the person’s CD4 cell count falls beneath two hundred. Most doctors wish their patients to start out taking medicines even earlier, once the CD4 cell count is between two hundred and five hundred. You and your doctor ought to state that medicines to require and once to start out taking them.

How will the doctor tell if the Supplements‎ are working?

Three tests will live the number of the virus in your blood. Your doctor will use this info to search out  however your body is responding to the drugs.

The CD4 cell count: CD4 cells are a sort of white vegetative cell (sometimes known as T-lymphocytes, or T-cells) in your blood. CD4 cells are vital as a result of they assist your body fight infections. sadly, these cells are the most target of the infection that causes HIV disease. This virus ends the CD4 cells. In folks that haven’t got HIV, the CD4 level is within five hundred and one,200 cells per mm3 (cubic millimeter). Your doctor can most likely offer you medication to fight HIV once your CD4 cell count drops beneath a particular level. One goal of treatment for HIV infection or diseases is to stay your CD4 cell count as high as doable.

infectious agent load: The infectious agent load is that the variety of copies of HIV virus in your blood. someone UN agency does not have HIV infection incorporates an infectious agent load of zero. medication that lowers the number of HIV within the body is typically given once your infectious agent load measures quite ten,000 to 30,000 infectious agent copies per ml (milliliter) of blood. The second goal of cure is to create the infectious agent load as low as doable.

CBC: the whole blood count (also known as the CBC) measures the amount of white and red cells in your blood. Red blood cells carry element from your lungs to all or any the tissues of your body. White blood cells fight disease. They keep your body’s system robust. an outsized drop by red blood cells and an outsized drop by white blood cells will occur once HIV infection is obtaining worse. This drop also can be caused by identical medicines that you simply desire fight HIV. Your doctor uses the blood count to assist decide once to vary your medicines. Your doctor needs to stay your red and white vegetative cell counts high enough to stay you healthy.


What happens throughout a routine workplace visit? 

Your doctor can check many things to search out , however, robust your HIV infection has become. Your doctor can raise you concerning your symptoms. He or she’s going to explore for any signs that the HIV virus is obtaining worse. Your doctor also will do a biopsy to examine your CD4 cell count and your infectious agent load. a number of the items that may tell your doctor that your HIV diseases have gotten worse since your last visit are the following:

  • New symptoms of nausea, vomiting, fatigue, high fever, headache, chills, night sweats, cough, shortness of breathing or diarrhoea.
  • Signs of weight loss, mouth sores (such as thrush, that could be a yeast infection) or larger bodily fluid nodes (glands there or placed in your neck, armpits and hip area).
  • A drop by the CD4 cells counts in your blood.
  • Arise within the infectious agent load in your blood.

How typically can my doctor wish to envision me? 

Your doctor can most likely wish to envision you each half dozen months until your CD4 cell count is beyond five hundred. Your doctor can most likely wish to envision you each three months if your CD4 cell counts are beneath five hundred. However, if you are taking a brand new medication, your doctor can wish to envision you a lot of typically, to examine your response to the drugs or to envision if your HIV infection is obtaining worse.

What else will facilitate me? 

Some medicines will stop the opposite infections and complications that return once HIV lowers your body’s resistance (makes your system weak). Here are some things that may facilitate individuals with HIV:

  • A gripe shot each fall helps stop the grippe.
  • A shot each five to seven years will stop respiratory disorder caused by the bacterium known as strep pneumonia’s. It’s easier for folks that have HIV to induce this sort of respiratory disorder.
  • A T.B. (TB) diagnostic test per annum will tell if you’ve got TB. TB could be a terribly serious ill health, particularly in folks that have HIV.
  • A Papanicolaou test for ladies to examine for abnormal condition (a pre-cancer condition) and for cancer of the cervix. each of those conditions occurs a lot of typically in ladies UN agency have HIV infection. At first, Pap tests are done each half dozen months. once two Pap tests in an exceedingly row are traditional, you may solely have to be compelled to get them once a year.
  • A hepatitis B check for folks that are in danger for hepatitis B infection. you are in danger for this infection if you inject the medicine. If the check shows you do not have hepatitis B infection, your doctor would possibly wish you to own the hepatitis B vaccinum to shield you from obtaining the infection.
  • A medicine known as TMP-SMZ will facilitate. This antibiotic would tend to you if your CD4 cell count was but two hundred. It helps stop respiratory disorder caused by the fungus Pneumocystis Jiro vici (previously known as Pneumocystis caring). This antibiotic conjointly helps stop another infection, known as infection.
  • Azithromycin, clarithromycin and rifabutin will facilitate once your CD4 cell count is less than fifty to seventy-five. They keep you from obtaining Associate in Nursing infection caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium avian.

What‘s within the future? 

Combination drug medical care has modified HIV malady from the leading killer of young adults to a chronic malady that may be controlled for many years. However, albeit you’ll take HIV medicines and feel okay, you’ll still provide the virus to others through unsafe sex or blood exchanges. The medicines do not kill the virus — they merely keep your system robust enough to forestall AIDS or slow it down.

New medicines are being developed and tested that may be taken less typically which are a lot of powerful in holding back the virus. However, it should be many years before this new medicine becomes obtainable.

HIV and AIDS | Complications

How am I able to avoid complications from HIV? 

If you’re HIV positive, you would like to require superb care of yourself. take care to eat a diet, exercise often and find lots of rest. check that you follow your doctor’s directions and take all of your medicines precisely as directed. you’ll conjointly take steps to stay yourself from obtaining infections or diseases that are a lot of common in folks that have HIV.

How do I follow “safe sex”?

Use a contraceptive anytime you’ve got sex. A latex contraceptive can facilitate scale back the danger of you and your partner obtaining a sexually transmitted infection (STI), like herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV) or a brand new strain of HIV that may be proof against antiretroviral medicine. to cut back your risk of obtaining vicious infections, avoid sex that leads to oral exposure to excretion (oral-anal contact).

What concerning my job and time off activities? 

Certain activities or jobs (such as operating in homeless shelters, Tent, clinics,  hospitals, nursing homes or prisons) will increase your risk of exposure to T.B. (TB) and different infectious diseases. speak along with your doctor concerning wherever you’re employed. Your doctor will decide if you ought to be tested for TB and the way typically.

Parents kidren|of youngsters|of kids} in day care and other people UN agency give kids care are at increased  danger of catching CMV (CMV) infection, cryptosporidiosis, viral hepatitis and protozoal infection from the youngsters. the danger may be reduced through sensible hygiene practices, like perpetually laundry your hands once ever-changing diapers, once touching excretory product or spit, once aiming to the toilet and before a meal. If your kid has HIV, inform the folks that facilitate look after your kid.

If you’re employed with animals (for example, veterinary work or at a pet market, farm or slaughterhouse), you will be at higher risk for infections like cryptosporidiosis, infection, disease, gastrointestinal disorder, campylobacteriosis or Bartonella infection. the danger of catching these infections most likely isn’t high enough for you to present up your job, however, you ought to take the subsequent special precautions:

  • Avoid contact with young sheep, particularly people who have diarrhoea.
  • Wash your hands once agriculture or different contact with soil.
  • If you reside wherever histoplasmosis is common or regular, avoid activities like cleaning chicken coops, exploring caves or troubling the soil.
  • If you reside wherever mycosis is general, avoid exposure to disturbed soil, like excavation sites or dirt storms.

Is it safe on behalf of me to own a pet?

Although owning a pet might have risks for folks that have HIV, several of the risks may be avoided. Pets give emotional edges, thus do not be hasty concerning deciding to present up your pet. the subsequent are some steps to stay you and your pet healthy:

  • Keep your pet up thus fare on all its vaccinations (shots) to forestall malady.
  • Take your pets to the vet direct if it gets diarrhoea. Your vet can wish to search out  if the diarrhoea is caused by a germ that may be harmful to you. If doable, have an addict beware of your pet once it’s diarrhoea.
  • Always wash your hands once handling your pet, particularly before you eat. Avoid contact along with your pet’s excretion. If your kid has HIV, check that your kid washes his or her hands once wiggling with the pet.
  • If you wish to induce a brand new pet (cat or dog) the animal ought to be a minimum of half dozen months recent and it should not have diarrhoea. This reduces your danger of cryptosporidiosis.
  • Be careful concerning wherever you get your pet. Some pet-breeding facilities, animal shelters or pet stores have higher hygiene than others.
  • Avoid stray animals. If you opt to adopt a puppy or kitten, your vet ought to check the pet to take care it does not have a germ that would offer you Associate in Nursing infection.
  • If you’ve got a cat, the litter box ought to be clean on a daily basis, ideally by somebody UN agency doesn’t have HIV and isn’t pregnant. This helps stop infection. Keep your cat within, and do not let it hunt different animals (such as mice or rats). don’t feed it raw or undercooked meat. Avoid the sort of play which will end in cat scratches or bites. If you are doing get bitten or damaged, wash the wound website directly. never let your cat lick Associate in Nursing open scratch or wound on your body.
  • Flea management is a good thanks to facilitate you and your cat or dog healthy.
  • Limit your contact with reptiles (such as snakes, lizards, iguanas and turtles) to cut back your risk of the gastrointestinal disorder. Wear rubber gloves if you want to clean Associate in a Nursing tank or a coop. Avoid contact with exotic pets like monkeys.

How am I able to avoid diseases from food and water? 

The following are some things that you simply will do to avoid obtaining sick from food or drinking water:

  • Avoid uptake raw or undercooked eggs (including foods which will contain raw eggs, like cookie dough, some preparations of sauce, Ceasar salad dressing and mayonnaise).
  • Avoid raw or undercooked poultry, meat and food. conjointly avoid farm merchandise that haven’t been changed integrity. Cook poultry and meat till it’s cooked or has no trace of pink within the middle. the inner temperature of seared beef ought to be a minimum of 170°F. For poultry, the inner temperature ought to be a minimum of 180°F.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables fastidiously before you eat them.
  • Wash your hands, cutting boards, counters and knives with soap and water once they are available up-to-date with raw foods, particularly raw meat.
  • If you’re severely immunological disorder and wish to cut back your risk of {listeriosis|listeria meningitis|infectious malady} (an uncommon disease transmitted through food contaminated with the eubacteria monocytopenia bacteria), use caution concerning soft cheeses and ready-to-eat foods, like hot dogs and meat from the shop. Before you eat hot dogs and meat, heat up them till they’re steaming to kill any germs.
  • Never drink water directly from lakes and rivers. Avoid swimming in water that may have human or animal excretion in it. Avoid swallowing water whereas swimming or throughout different recreational water activities.
  • If your town has {an outbreak|an epidemic|a plague|an endemic|a scourge|a pandemic|a deadly malady|a virus|a virulent disease|a pestilence} of waterborne disease or problems a “boil water” consultative, boil your water for one minute before you utilize it for drinking or brushing your teeth. Or use personal-use water filters for drinking water.
  • Although it is not necessary to boil H2O if there’s no “boil water” consultative in the result, you will wish to so as to additional scale back your risk of infection. speak along with your doctor concerning this, since avoiding H2O fully may be inconvenient and high-priced.
  • If you select to avoid H2O fully, keep in mind that ice made up of contaminated water may cause infection as will fountain beverages served publically places.
  • Bottled or canned effervescent soft drinks are safe to drink. noneffervescent soft drinks and fruit juices that don’t need refrigeration till once they’re opened are safe. Frozen drink concentrate is safe if you prepare the juice with water from a secure supply.
  • If you drink that’s sold  cold (not frozen) drink solely juices that are labelled “pasteurized.” check that you retain them cold, also. different change integrity beverages and brew are thought-about safe to drink though no information are obtainable concerning the security of wine.

How am I able to be safe whereas I travel? 

Travel is also riskier for HIV-infected individuals, particularly if their immunological disorder is severe. jaunt developing countries might place you at higher risk of food-borne and water-borne diseases than traveling within us. speak along with your doctor before you travel.

  • Remember to be terribly careful with food and drinks. Avoid ice, raw vegetables and fruits, tap water, raw or undercooked food or meat, milk and farm merchandise and food bought from street vendors.
  • Items that are typically safe embody steaming-hot foods, fruits that you simply peel yourself, bottled (especially carbonated) beverages, hot low or tea, brew and water that has been cooked for one minute.

Although some studies have shown that medication to forestall traveler’s diarrhoea might scale back the danger, none of the studies have specifically enclosed HIV-positive patients.

It isn’t typically suggested that you simply take medication to forestall Associate in Nursing indigestion or diarrhoea before traveling, however, you will wish to speak along with your doctor concerning this. you ought to bring Associate in Nursing antibiotic with you just in case you are doing get diarrhoea. See a doctor directly if your diarrhoea is severe and does not retrieve with medication, if you’ve got blood in your stool, if you get dehydrated or if you’ve got a fever (with or while not chills).

Avoid direct skin contact with soil or sand, particularly if it’s doubtless the soil is also contaminated with animal excretion. Wear shoes and protecting covering. Sit on a towel if you move to a beach.

Talk along with your doctor concerning the vaccinations you would like before your trip. several vaccinations are okay for folks that have HIV, however, some common vaccinations should not be given to folks that have HIV. If you cannot have bound vaccinations, your doctor may have to present your special directions. Your doctor also will wish to speak with you concerning avoiding exposure to plant infections and protozoic infections, reckoning on wherever you may be traveling.

HIV and AIDS |  Prevention 

 How am I able to avoid obtaining HIV? 

The best ways in which to shield yourself from obtaining infected with HIV are to:

  • Not do it with someone UN agency is infected or has sex with others.
  • Practice “safer” sex if you are doing do it.
  • Not share needles and syringes.

You can’t tell who’s infected with HIV by however they appear. It takes a mean of eight years for symptoms of AIDS to develop once someone is infected with HIV. thus, even folks that don’t look or feel sick will offer you AIDS.

The solely 100 percent certain thanks to keeping from obtaining the AIDS virus is to not do it in any respect or to own sex only with a partner UN agency doesn’t have HIV infection. it’s conjointly vital to avoid contact with human blood and the different body.

What is “safer” sex?

what is Aids and The “safest” sex isn’t any sex. If you’re having sex, “safer” sex is sex between two folks that don’t have HIV infection, solely do it with one another and don’t abuse injectable medicine.

Safer sex conjointly suggests that exploitation condoms if you’ve got any doubts concerning whether or not your partner is infected or whether or not he or she has sex with somebody else. Use male latex condoms any time you’ve got sex.

If a person doesn’t wish to use a male contraceptive, use a feminine contraceptive. feminine condoms might not be as effective as male condoms, however, they provide some protection.

Never let somebody else’s blood, semen, urine, duct fluid or excretion get into your port, channel or mouth.

What’s the correct thanks to using condoms? 

what is Aids and Using condoms the correct manner is very important to create certain you’re protected. Latex condoms ought to be used throughout all sex acts, together with anal, duct and head. If you’re allergic to latex, use a polymer contraceptive. For head on a girl, she will use a contraceptive split lengthwise to the position between her body and her partner’s mouth.

If you’re considering employing a spermatocide, remember that analysis has shown that spermicides containing nonoxynol-9 will cause sex organ irritation Associate in Nursing increase your risk of catching an STI. However, employing a contraceptive with nonoxynol-9 is healthier than not employing a contraceptive in any respect.

Use solely water-based lubricants (such as K-Y jelly) with condoms. Oil-based lubricants, like jelly (such as Vaseline), balm or lotions, cause the rubber in condoms to interrupt.

How to use male condoms? 

Use a latex or polymer contraceptive. Condoms made up of natural membranes, like sheep gut, aren’t pretty much as good as a result of the virus that causes AIDS is little enough to induce through the small pores in these condoms.

  • Put the contraceptive on before any contact is formed.
  • Unroll the contraceptive over Associate in the Nursing erect member. The unrolled ring ought to get on the surface. Unroll the contraceptive to the bottom of the member. Leave a couple of half-inch of an area within the tip thus ejaculate will collect there.
  • Squeeze the tip of the contraceptive to induce the air out.
  • Pull out once ejaculating (“coming”) and before the member gets soft. Hold the contraceptive against the bottom of the member thus it does not take off.
  • Throw away the contraceptive. do not reprocess condoms.

What if I share needles? 

The best call for your health is to induce facilitate for your misuse. If you are doing share needles and syringes, clean them double with bleach and water to assist HIV. Draw bleach into the syringe and needle then squirt it out. Do identical with water. Do each step once more.

Hopefully, you will get you answers regarding “what is Aids”


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