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What is Mumps

Mumps | Overview

What is Mumps

Here were are going to show you some useful and effective remedies, so you will be able to resolve this question “What is Mumps” Mumps (or “the mumps”) is that the a lot of common name for redness (say: “pare-oh-TIE-tissue”). it’s a virus infection that causes your salivary gland glands to swell. Your salivary gland glands square measure situated between your ear and jaw. These glands build the secretion (spit) that helps you chew and swallow food. In serious cases, infectious disease will have an effect on alternative organs. infectious disease is commonest in kids a pair of to twelve years old-time World Health Organization haven’t received the infectious disease vaccine, however, you’ll catch it at any age.

Mumps | Symptoms

What square measure the symptoms of mumps?

The most noticeable symptom of the infectious disease is facial swelling, or “chipmunk cheeks,” caused by the swollen secretion glands. This swelling is often terribly painful and is usually the sole symptom. The swelling typically happens on the second day of sickness and lasts from five to seven days. many of us conjointly experience:

  • Face pain
  • Fever as high as 103°F to 104°F beginning once the primary few days and lasting for two to three days
  • Chills
  • Lack of craving
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Swelling of the temples or jaw

When ought to I see a doctor?

There is no medication to treat infectious disease. it always goes away on its own among a pair of weeks. as a result of it’s a virus infection, antibiotics cannot treat infectious disease.

Rarely, infectious disease will unfold to alternative areas of the body, which can cause alternative serious conditions. It will cause swelling of the testicles, the ovaries, the exocrine gland and, therefore, the brain. It can even cause hearing disorder and infectious disease (infection of membranes that cowl the brain and spinal cord). infectious disease can even cause miscarriage in pregnant girls. decision your doctor if you notice:

  • Severe headache
  • Stiff neck
  • Eye redness
  • Drowsiness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Testicle pain or lump

Women World Health Organization square measure pregnant {and may|and ought to|and will} are exposed to infectious disease should decision the doctor, even though they don’t show any symptoms.

If seizures occur, request emergency medical aid.

Mumps | Causes & Risk Factors

What causes mumps?

Mumps is caused by an outbreak that unfolds by infected secretion. this suggests the virus will unfold much just like the cold. as an example, if associate degree infected person sneezes close to you otherwise you bit one thing that associate degree infected person has touched, and you have got not been immunized, you will get the infectious disease. Normally, you won’t get sick till twelve to twenty-four days once being exposed to the virus. These twelve to twenty-four days square measure known as the time period.

Mumps | Treatment

How square measure infectious disease treated?

If you or your kid has an infectious disease, the sole factor to try and do is let the infection run its course. within the in the meantime, you’ll take some steps to alleviate discomfort:

  • Place ice or heat packs on swollen cheeks.
  • Take Phenaphen (brand name: Tylenol) for pain or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (brand names: nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, Motrin) for pain and swelling. ne’er offer anodyne to kids or teenagers eighteen years old-time or younger due to the chance of Reye’s syndrome. Reye’s syndrome could be a serious sickness that may cause death.
  • Drink many fluids to remain hydrous.
  • Eat soft foods that don’t need an abundant chew.
  • Avoid acidic foods or foods that build your mouth water, like citrus fruits.
  • Gargle with heat salt water many times on a daily basis.
  • Try popsicles to assuage your throat.
  • If the testicles square measure swollen, support the pocket with associate degree suspensor. Ice packs might facilitate scale back pain. long-run issues, like sterility (not having the ability to possess children), square measure terribly rare.
  • Try to avoid public places and shut contact for a minimum of five days once symptoms seem. this is often the amount of your time throughout that you’re the foremost contagious.

Usually, people that have the infectious disease once become proof {against|proof against} it for keeps and can’t twig again.

Mumps | Prevention

Can the infectious disease be prevented?

Yes. The contagious disease, infectious disease and measles (MMR) vaccine prevents the infectious disease in eightieth to ninetieth of individuals. 2 doses square measure simpler than one. because of this vaccine, only a few folks get the infectious disease within us any longer. However, outbreaks will still occur in locations wherever vaccination rates square measure low.

The MMR vaccine is sometimes given to infants twelve to fifteen months old-time. kids usually square measure given the vaccine between ages four to six or between ages eleven to twelve if they haven’t however received it. However, it’s ne’er too late to be immunized. If you’re employed during a public setting or within the health care field, you ought to get immunized if you haven’t already. confer with your doctor if you think that you will have to be compelled to be immunized.

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